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An experienced graphic designer that manages projects from start to finish, has a creative approach to problem-solving, a passion for design with purpose, and a desire to provide a product on-time with the resources available.

Creates excellent graphic designs for print and online media that function for the intended audience, and handles changes in a quick and effective manner.

Career has spanned numerous venues: corporate, graphic studio, art department, prepress, printing and government on contract and hourly. Held responsibilities for research, coordination, design, production, supervision and final execution of branding, collateral, visual identity, brochures, catalogs, ads, package and web design.

A talented artist and an organized time-based planner; detail-oriented, systematic and skilled at simplifying project information, while having excellent craft and making use of best working practices. Friendly and enjoys keeping up with current design trends, and can work individually or as part of a team.


Graphic Designer
SkinMedica, Carlsbad, CA
2013-present (Adecco contract ends 11/14)

Project 1: Assisted lead designer in the Domestic Marketing Department on 3 month contract to setup a new online marketing solution for domestic territory managers and their customers using LUMA. Designed online templates that maintained the SkinMedica brand while allowing clients to create their own flyers, posters, detail aids, product guides, appointment cards, banners and more. Continued to produce master binder of available marketing products using the new LUMA service.

Project 2: Was asked return to work with the International Department to setup a LumaGlobal portal to do the same outside of the domestic area. Designed new templates based on current layouts to maintain a similar look and keeping within the brand requirements while working in different languages. Created new designs, setup, uploaded and maintained artwork on the new site. Worked with LUMA to setup users and passwords, and help customers with troubleshooting.

Project 3: Designed and created over 50 package designs to remain consistent with the existing English packaging, yet adding 2 more languages (French and Spanish) to the same box. Prepare artwork for Regulatory Reviews and printing.

• HELPFUL: Worked in all areas of design, production and coordination to deliver the finished site for opening launch.
• DEDICATED: Strove to be a part of the team and not just the contractor.
• RELIABLE: Dependable and able to offer suggestions as needed to have the process flow smoothly.

Graphic Designer
L&L Printing, San Diego, CA
2011 (2 month contract)

Replaced employee on vacation and designed template artwork using MarcomCentral for client specific projects or campaigns, and using FusionPro to add personalization to client mailings. Coordinated with sales teams to keep customer's online stores current. Stayed on a few weeks after employee returned to produce various in-house marketing templates, ads and helping in the digital printing department.

• QUICK STUDY: Was able to learn the workflow and applications needed to cover for the main employee during her absence.
• FRIENDLY: Offered to assist wherever needed to keep the sales teams on task and within their delivery estimates.
• TALENTED: Able to offer new marketing ideas and created new templates for the company's in-house promotions.

Graphic Designer
OVF Graphic Design, San Diego, CA

Graphic Artist
Aquent, San Diego, CA

Design and create dynamic artwork for client specific projects or campaigns, coordinating with the client and vendors to optimize the results and stay within the brand requirements. Client industries include travel, beauty, healthcare, biotech, manufacturing, printing, city and entertainment. During my employ through Aquent, I was entrusted to layout and produce digital artwork files for catalogs and other print materials in a corporate design department.

• IMAGINATIVE: Design and produce layouts, comps and final art files for print and online media using a combination of type and imagery to enhance the message.
• EFFICIENT: Coordinate with printers and publications to produce the best possible product, within time and budget constraints.
• TEAM-PLAYER: Through Aquent, coordinated with the lead designer to maintain the integrity of the catalog design. Produced layouts for print media using Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator applying templates and styles to format pages efficiently.

Production Artist/Graphic Designer
Ultratype & Graphics and RanRoy Printing, San Diego, CA

Exceeded company expectations by expanding their product line to include design and layout. Produced creative designs for new and existing customers, generating new sources of revenue in the form of jobs and clients. Knowledge of prepress and print standards helped the company give customers what they needed within budget and on time.

• INNOVATIVE: Designed and produced artwork for final output for: logos, stationery, newsletters, forms, books, ads, labels, marketing packets, etc.
• DETAIL-ORIENTED: Developed client's master templates and pages for frequent and efficient artwork changes.
• SYSTEMATIC: Worked in a fast-paced prepress environment with attention to detail.
• FLEXIBLE: Generated files for prepress; corrected or manipulated Mac and PC files.


BA/Graphic Design
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

AA/General Education
Cerro Coso College, Ridgecrest, CA


• SPANISH as a 2nd Language (fluent conversation, reading, writing and basic translating)

Computer Software
Extensive knowledge in:
• Mac primarilly with working knowledge of the PC
• Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, etc.)
• Quark X-Press 7.0

Experienced in:
• Adobe CS4 for Web (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks)
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Filemaker Pro
• Online Marketing (MarcomCentral, FusionPro and LUMA)

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